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Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Services

Early Intervention Services | Preschool Team | Early Head Start


Early Intervention Services

The Guidance Center Early Intervention Services support families and their children, from birth to age three, with a broad range of needs. Typical issues that our program addresses on a daily basis include an infant who isn’t gaining weight, a toddler with speech delays, or a young child having trouble walking. Our Early Intervention Services provide therapeutic, educational and family support services for infants and toddlers that are delayed, disabled, or at-risk.  Our services include screening and assessments, home visits, group and individual center based therapies, toddler groups, parent education, and support groups.

Our Early Intervention Partnerships Program (EIPP) provides assessments, health education and referrals to community services for at-risk pregnant women. Our team includes a Maternal Child Health Nurse to provide support during the pregnancy and a Social Worker to help evaluate the development of the child from birth through his/her first year. 

Early Intervention & Early Intervention Partnerships Program (EIPP)

The Guidance Center
12 Tyler Street
Somerville, MA  02143
Tel:  617.629.3919
Communities Served: Cambridge, Somerville


Preschool Team

Our Preschool Team provides services, support, and education to families with children under the age of six who have challenges related to that child’s development, behaviors, and difficult family circumstances. Team members work collaboratively to gather information, make recommendations, provide services, and obtain resources for the family. Services are provided at the family’s home, in community settings (including child care programs), and in our office.

Preschool Team

The Guidance Center
111 South Street
Somerville, MA  02143
Tel: 617.284.5130


Early Head Start

Riverside Early Head Start is a program for low-income families with infants and toddlers, as well as pregnant women. The program is designed to support families by promoting healthy prenatal care, infant/toddler care, and the well-being of the entire family. The goal is to give their young children a head start in their intellectual, social, and emotional development. With sensitivity to families whose first language is not English, the Early Head Start program reflects the diversity of the community it serves.  Our employees often speak two languages and our programs are respectful of the various cultural norms practiced within each family.   

Riverside Early Head Start

474 Broadway
Somerville, MA  02145
Tel: 617.629.6652